Wageningen University Application

The application to enter Wageningen University is not difficult if you already have the basic requirements. The first things you have to do is open the university website. See, is there any program that you want to apply, and if yes, just go to application requirements and see “How To Apply“. There’s no application fee.

Scholarship: WU Scholarship. I dont know how to apply. I didnt find about this on their website. But they award me this scholarship around 25,020 euro. So, better you ask about this scholarship to the university.

Anne Van den Ban Scholarship. you must already be accepted for their chosen study at Wageningen. click here for more information.

More about study grants, click here.

If you dont have your IELTS or other requirements. You still can apply and they will send you email to ask some documents that you havent submitted yet.

I will show you some emails from application process until the result.

On 12 December 2011, I submit my application via online and I got Msc Application form email:

Dear applicant,   
Thank you for your application for the MSc programme(s) 
at Wageningen University: 

MID International Development Studies  
MDR Development and Rural Innovation
You will receive a personal file number and password 
as soon as your application has been processed. 
The file number and password will enable you to follow
the progress of your application.
All application documents must be submitted as PDF files.
A free PDF creator can be downloaded at: 
This is an automated procedure. Please do not contact us
with questions regarding your application before you have
received your file number and password.

With kind regards,   
On 4 January 2012, I got the admission letter. (It so fast..i cant image it)

Dear Applicant,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been admitted by the Committee on Admissions of Wageningen University to the MSc Programme International Development Studies, which starts in September 2012.

The study load of the MSc programme is 120 ECTS two academic years. You will compose your definite study programme in consultation with your study advisor, after arrival in Wageningen. The main aspects of your study programme and the planning of the education will be laid down in a ‘Study Contract’ at the beginning of your study. This may imply that there are restrictions to the specialisation or track that you can follow within the programme.

Please contact the study advisor of your MSc programme. You are kindly requested to confirm your participation in the MSc programme bycompleting the confirmation form in STARS. Please log on using your STARS username and password.

With regard to the funding of your study, please indicate on the confirmation form the name and address of your sponsor or whether you will pay for your studies yourself. Upon receipt of this information, the Student Service Centre (SSC) will contact you or your sponsor to arrange the financial matters regarding your study in Wageningen.

Information regarding the Fellowship Programme for Master Studies in the Netherlands, funded by the Government of the Netherlands, can be found on www.nuffic.nl/nfp. The pre-departure guide, available on http://www.ssc.wur.nl/uk  further steps to be taken towards your enrolment. Please read this information carefully.

We are looking forward to meeting you at our Introduction Programme, mid August 2012, and we wish you every success at Wageningen University.


Karel Lammers/Nadja Schmiemann

Admissions Office

Student Service Centre

Wageningen University

I read their website, there is a scholarship from Anne Van den Ban Scholarship Fund. I want to apply this scholarship however the faculty should nominate me as a candidate to receive the scholarship. I sent the foundation email about my willing to apply the scholarship and this is their answer.

Dear Hani

Thanks you for your e-mail.

We changed our procedure for this year a little bit, this means that for the time being we have enough information. Our scholarships will be combined with the WUR fellowships. Before your application for a fellowship can be considered, you first have to be nominated for a WUR Fellowship. This will be occur somewhere in May, we will contact you again as soon as the nominations are known.

I confirm your pre-application.

Please find in the attachment some information about the Anne van den Ban Fund (ABF). This info can be helpful in filling in the application form later on.

Please realize that the ABF is not a rich one. It therefore is highly recommended also to apply at other foundations (see the NUFFIC grant finder). This only will benefit you because they normally offer higher monthly allowances than we can do.

If you sent also a request to the Wageningen University Fund you don’t get an answer, this response is also on behalf of the WUF. Hence, we don’t save any documents you sent us attached with this request, so if any send then again together with a completed application form later on.

With kind regards,

Ypie Blauw

On 3 April 2012 I got email from faoundation to re-apply the scholarship. However I decided not to apply the scholarship because I  read their website that they cant give a huge amount. So, i thought that if I got scholarship, still i need a lot of money to study in Wageningen University.

Dear candidate,

In my last email I confirmed your pre-application. And I told you that we will contact you again as soon as the nominations for the WUR Fellowships are known. But because we get again a lot of applications it will cause too much time to wait till May to match our two lists I wish to gather more information about you before that time.

So please find in the attachments:

– An application form;

– Some information about the Anne van den Ban Fund (ABF).

I wish you lots of success with filling in the application form look forward to your reply. Please return it only by email and add a CV, a motivation letter and if any also recommendations. Please don’t add any other documents.

With kind regards,

Ypie Blauw

On 13 April 2012, I sent email to admission office that ı need to withdraw my seat in Wageningen University. I didnt know what happend after that because I didnt get any reply for them. So i thought, I they already accepted my withdraw email. However on 28 June 2012, The university sent email that I got scholarship (Wow..even I didnt remember if I apply for the scholarship).

DearMs Hani Sulastri Hamid,

Herewith I want to inform you that we intend to award you a WU scholarship for the MSc Programme International Development Studies at Wageningen University starting September 2012.

The WU scholarship is a full tuition waiver for the academic years 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 (total Euro 25.020,-).

We hope that with this scholarship you will have sufficient financial means to start your study in Wageningen in September 2012. The scholarship will only be awarded after you have confirmed that you have sufficient financial means to cover all other costs for your study at Wageningen University (travel, living, housing, health insurance, visa costs etc.)

Please inform me as soon as possible whether you will accept the scholarship and will start your study in September 2012 or not. If affirmative the Student Service Centre will send you an invoice for the pre-payments needed and contact you for further registration procedures (visa etc.) as soon as possible. If you will not respond to this e-mail before July 6th , 2012, we will assume that you have not accepted the scholarship and as a consequence we will withdraw the scholarship offer.

I hope we can welcome you in Wageningen at the start of the new study year.

With kind regards,

Eric de Munck

It was so strange that they sent gave me scholarship so late. I didnt expect that i would receipt it because I already withdraw my seat. I didnt take the scholarship because I already decided where will I study.

So from this experieces, I can say to you, the applicants.. NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

good luck..

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  3. hi, i’m from Indonesia too. Now I’m on 3rd grade of Senior High School. is it possible for me to have scholarship on Bachelor Degree in Wageningen? I have searched on internet, but only found Master Degree,, if you have any info please help me,

  4. Amazing! Thanks for taking the time to do this, I thought I would have to wait until August to get a confirmation letter! How has your experience been at the University so far?

  5. hI! i am planning to apply to at wageningen University. is it hard to get a scholarship? I was wondering how did you get a full scholarship without even applying? did you email them regarding financial matters? thanks your reply is really appreciated.


  6. hello daer sir /madam , thank for your help ! please send me your email address of climate studies in Msc registeration
    thank you

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