Maastricht University Application

The application to enter Maastricht Universit is not difficult if you already have the basic requirements. The first things you have to do is open the university website. See, is there any program that you want to apply, and if yes, just go to application requirements and see “How To Apply“. There’s no application fee.

Scholarship: UM High Potential Scholarship. Deadline: February/March. Value: it will cover living cost, tution fee, medical insurance, visa cost. Applicants must be admissible for a master’s programme or graduate programme for professionals  at Maastricht University and must not be older than 35 years at the start of the academic year. click here for more information.

If you dont have your IELTS or other requirements. You still can apply and they will send you email to ask some documents that you havent submitted yet.

I will show you some emails from application process until the result.

On, 12 December 2011, I submitted my application in their website. And I got receipt comfirmation:

Dear Sir/Madam, Many thanks for applying in Studielink for the programme MA Globalisation and Development Studies at Maastricht University (UM). The information you supplied in Studielink has been automatically forwarded to our university. Based on this information, we have set up a student account for you in the My UM portal. The My UM portal is the intranet environment for our students, which you can use to manage all matters relating to your programme, from your admission to your graduation. You will receive an email with your login details for the My UM portal within the next two working days. Your student number/ID is: ***** Application for: MA Globalisation and Development Studies If you have applied for more than one programme, you will receive a separate message for each programme. However, your student number will be the same for all programmes. There are two steps you must complete in order to become a student at Maastricht University; 1. Admission: You must be admissible to the programme of your choice, based on the academic admission criteria. The web page for the programme of your choice explains the information and documents we require in order to assess your application: Your admission will be assessed by the Board of Admissions for the master’s programme in question. Please note: if you do not yet have a bachelor’s degree certificate, your admissibility will be assessed based on a provisional grades transcript or a graduation statement from your current programme. 2.Registration: You must satisfy the legal requirements for registration as a student, such as being able to provide a valid identity document and fulfilling the payment obligations. Your registration will be handled by Student Services (SSC). The university requires some additional information in order to complete these steps. You can use the My UM portal to add information to your application. If you have any questions about your application, or haven’t yet received your login details, please contact us by SKYPE: umhelp-1, phone: +31 (0)43 38 85368, or email: Click here for the available timeslots to contact us: Best regards, Director of Student Services Maastricht University

On 12 March I got decision by board admission that they accepted me.

Dear Sir/Madam, On behalf of the Faculty Board of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, I am pleased to inform you that, based on the academic admission criteria and the information you have provided, you are admissible to the programme MA Globalisation and Development Studies for the academic year 2012-13 on the condition that you submit a certified hard copy of your bachelor’s degree two weeks before the start of your programme.

note, this does not yet mean that you are registered for this programme. You will receive further information about registration from Student Services. If you have any questions about registering, please contact the Master’s Admissions Office at Student Services (email:, telephone: +31 (0)43 38 85388).

Yours faithfully,

on behalf of the Faculty Board,

Chair, Board of Admissions

Then, I checked that university has scholarship for prospective student however it’s quite late. But i tried to contact them to ask about the scholarship. I sent email to them if I can apply the UM high potential scholarship or not and this is their answer on 14 march 2012.

Dear Hani sulastri hamid,

We are pleased to see that you are admissible for the master’s programme Globalisation and Development Studies.

However the deadline for the High Potential Scholarship has passed and we cannot make any exceptions to the rule.

Best regards,

Milou Pernot

So my advice..if you want to apply the scholarship, you should make sure you apply the university as soon as possible. It’s better if you you have the announcement of the admission sooner. Look at the deadline of the scholarship.. At that time, I didnt see about the scholarship , so i missed my chance.

Good luck 🙂

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