Groningen University Application

The application to enter Groningen University is not difficult if you already have the basic requirements. The first things you have to do is open the university website. See, is there any program that you want to apply, and if yes, just go to application requirements and see “How To Apply“.

Scholarship: University of Groningen Talent Grant: Erick Bleumink Fund. Deadline: around February. The grant covers tuition fee, costs of international travel, subsistence, books, and health insurance. You dont need to make a new application for scholarship. Your department will nominated you to the scholarship board.

When the candidate applies for this admission, he or she must indicate on the online application that he/she wishes to be nominated for a Eric Bleumink Fund scholarship. If the study programme board agrees with the candidacy for a EBF scholarship, they will send a standard application form including the motivation of the candidate to the Board of the Eric Bleumink Fund prior to 1 March. Per studyprogramme only two candidates can be nominated.

If you need more information, click here.

If you dont have your IELTS or other requirements. You still can apply and they will send you email to ask some documents that you havent submitted yet.

I will show you some emails from application process until the result.

I applied on 12 December 2012

Dear Hani Sulastri Hamid,
Thank you for your application for admission to the Master programme Global Governance (International Relations) of the University of Groningen. We have received your application details from Studielink, the on-line application tool for higher education in the Netherlands. The next step is that the University of Groningen assesses whether or not you meet the requirements for admission to the programme of your choice. For this admission procedure we use the University of Groningen Online Admission System (OAS).
For more information about the University of Groningen admission procedure and the OAS system, please check Here you will also find links to detailed faculty information about entry requirements and admission documents for specific programmes.
We have already prepared your OAS account, based on the details you entered in Studielink. In order to access your account, please: 1) Go to and carefully read the application and admission information. Then click the hyperlink to the Online Admission System on page Step 2: Admission in OAS. 2) In the Welcome-screen, choose Request a new password Enter your email-address **** and click the button Request a new password. You will immediately be sent an e-mail (subject: New Password Request at Online application). 3) Click the activation link in the e-mail (please be aware the e-mail might end up in your spambox!). 4) In the screen Would you like to reset your password? , please enter the password you want to use for your application twice and click submit.
You can now start completing your application in the Application-screen. Please note that Step 1: Personal details and Step 2: Address details have already been completed based on what you entered in Studielink. Step 6: Proposed programme has been partly completed.
IMPORTANT: The information that has been entered into your OAS account based on what you entered in Studielink, cannot be changed in OAS! If you do change it, your changes will be overwritten with the Studielink details nightly. If you want to change your personal or address details, or want to change your choice of programme, you need to do this in Studielink (
In some cases Bachelor or Master programmes offer different specializations, which are not listed in Studielink. To complete the admissions procedure, we need to know for which programme specialization you want to apply. You have to select your specialization (if available) in OAS, at Step 6: Proposed programme, in the field Specialization.
Please read the information on carefully and complete all the steps. In Step 8: Supporting documents you can/have to upload digital copies of the documents that are required to process your application. Before you can submit your application, you have to provide at least – a copy of your passport/ID; – a copy of your diploma(s) (or in case you have not yet received it: a statement of expected date of graduation signed by your school); – a copy of your (temporary) transcripts (list of grades); – a letter of motivation; – your Curriculum Vitae/Resume. For details on other documents that may need to be required, please check
IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you complete all steps, including Step 12: Submit. This last step is essential: the University of Groningen is not allowed to start processing your application for admission unless you complete Step 12: Submit.
After you have submitted your application, you will receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of your application, which holds further information about the admission procedure.
We hope to be able to start working on your application for admission soon!
Kind regards, The Admissions Team of the University of Groningen

Then, they still inform me about application process.. 20 December 2012

Dear Hani Sulastri,
Thank you for applying for study at the University of Groningen. We are pleased to confirm the receipt of your application for admission to the 2012/2013 year of the Master of Arts (MA) programme in Global Governance (International Relations).
The next step in your application process is that an Admissions Officer from the University of Groningen will review the details of your application and will contact you by e-mail. In this e-mail you will be informed of the status of your application, which can be:

  • Your application is complete and will be assessed for admission.
  • Your application is incomplete, but although some items are missing, the application can be assessed for admission. In the meantime you are requested to provide us with the missing information.
  • Your application is incomplete. Documents required for assessment for admission are missing and your application will be put on hold until we receive the documents specified in the e-mail.
  • You applied too late to enter the programme at the requested programme starting date. You will be asked whether you want to defer your application for entry at the next programme starting date.

Please note that we do need some time to process your application. We therefore kindly request that you await the e-mail mentioned above before you make enquiries regarding your application. You will receive the e-mail within four weeks from today. If you have not received a response within four weeks from today, please contact the relevant Faculty Admissions Office.
Kind regards!
The Admissions Office University of Groningen

Dear Hani Sulastri Hamid, We have sent your application to the Board of Examinations for a decision upon your admission. They will inform you within 4 weeks the results of your application For more information about studying in Groningen, you can have a look at our website for prospective international Students: Kind regards, Anja de Vries — Admissions Office – Faculty of Arts

Then I got admission letter without specialisation.. 9 February 2012

Dear Mrs. Hamid, Hani Sulastri

It is my pleasure to inform you that the Admission Board has admitted you to the Master of Arts International, University of Groningen, 2012-2013 programme, starting on the 1st of September 2012 and ending on the 31st of August 2013, under the condition that the final check of the presence of the entire set of required diplomas and documents turns out satisfactorily as well as that your financial situation is adequate.

Admittance will go into effect, the moment you have accepted your placement in writing. Accepting admittance means that all the administrative procedures will start for you,

and, therefore, you have to accept the financial consequences (see below). Please inform us as soon as possible, not later than 15th of March, whether you accept this offer. Your placement will be taken from you if we do not get your official confirmation in time.

If applied (for non-European students): please note that the university will charge 280 Euro in case of withdrawal after the visa procedures have started. To avoid problems with the Dutch Immigration Service we strongly advise you to start the procedure as early as possible.

After we have received your acceptance letter or e-mail, please contact the University Admissions/International Office. You can contact them for all practical matters: payment of tuition fees, housing, insurance, visa etc. The contact address is:

Admissions/International Office, Faculty of Arts,

P.O Box 716, 9700 AS Groningen, The Netherlands. Tel. +31 50 363 5840/5968, fax:+31 50 363 7422

As soon as all registration procedures have been completed you will receive notice from the Admissions Office with instructions of how to pay the tuition fee.

On the website of the Central Student Administration ( you can find the rules and regulations

Tuition fees:

Depending on your personal situation, you pay the statutory tuition fees or the university tuition fees. Which category you are eligible for is depending on your nationality, your residence and if you have gained the same degree before

The estimated tuition fee for non-European students (1 year): about 7500,00 Euro

Disclaimer: The final responsibility for the information on tuition fees is with the Central Student Administration of The University so for authoritative information please check its web-site:

Extra costs not included in the tuition fees (approximately)

Books + copies: 400 € per year minimum

Health insurance: 40 € per month

Housing and living expenses: 750 € per months (approx.)

Travel costs:

visa costs (if applied)


Entrance and Visa requirements

All foreign students who stay in the Netherlands for a period longer than 3 months must obtain a Residence Permit. More information will be provided by the International/Admissions Office of the Faculty of Arts.

Please note that you need to request C + D visa, otherwise you cannot re-enter The Nertherlands and you cannot apply for an internship outside the country.

If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact IR/IO programme coordinator Mrs. E. Herman-Pletjugina (irio@

Yours sincerely,

On behalf of the Admission Board,

Elena Herman-Pletjugina

Secretary to the Admission Board/Programme Coordinator

And my department nominated as candidate to Eric Bleumink Funds  , 12 March 2012

Dear students, I am very glad to inform you that you are nominated as a candidate to EBF (Eric Bleumink Fubnds) by Master IR, University of Groningen.  I  have send your motivation letter, too as required from the institution. Please note that the further selection will be done by the EFB, this is a small scholarship and only 2 persons gets a scholarship at the end. They will inform you later on about their decision. Please check with the EFB if you need to do anything on your side — Best regards, Elena Herman-Pletjugina NOHA/IRIO Programme coordinator University of Groningen .

One month later, I got scholarship annoıncement. On 12 April 2012. But, I were not awarded the scholarship 😦

Dear applicant, You have applied for the Erik Bleumink scholarship of the University of Groningen. I would hereby like to inform you that the scholarships have been awarded by the selection committee, and unfortunately you were not awarded the scholarship. Kind regards, Anja de Vries — Admissions Office – Faculty of Arts

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