Apply master and scholarship in Holland

I didnt plan to apply master program in Holland. However, I thought why i didnt try to apply, at least it was free application and the requirements were not difficult. So, when my friend was watching gossip girls for one episode, I applied 5 master programs in 5 universities in Holland.

I applied on December 2012 and I havent got my IELTS score. However, they still accept my application and I wrote a letter of apologize that I couldnt submit my IELTS score and promise them that after I receive my IELTS score on January 2012, I would sent to them via email as soon as possible. And lucky me, my IELTS score was okay for the minimum score.

Basicly what I need to provide before apply the program were some documents that I already explained in “Application Requirements for Master Program“. All the application procces was via online and it was so simple and easy. What you need to do is register your application in Studielink. “How to apply” is so easy to find out in the university website. Just follow the instruction.

So, this is the program that I applied and click the university if you want to know more about the application process:

1. Groningen University – the Master of Arts (MA) programme in Global Governance (International Relations). Scholarship Available, here.

2. the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam – MA in the Governance, Policy and Political Economy. Scholarship Available, here.

3. Maastricht University – MA Globalisation and Development. Scholarship Available, here.

4. Wageningen University – Msc International Development Studies   (MID). Scholarship Available, here.

5. Twente University – Master European Studies. Scholarship Available, here.

All those application were FREE AND ONLINE. They need all documents in ENGLISH. Your application will be processed even there’s some documents missing. They will email you back if your documenst incomplete. The application deadline for EU and NON EU student is diffrent. You should check their website.

All the universities have financial aid for prospective students. Most of scholarships deadline are February or March. So, you have to get addmision letter on December or January.  It means you should submit your application around October-November. The sooner you submit your application, the sooner you will get the admission or rejection letter. It is good for you, if you take IELTS test on September.

If you are Non-EU students like me, I would advice you to prepare your application sooner.

August: IELTS Preparation. If you are a passive English (you dont speak English or write any academics in English), I advise you to take IELTS preparation course. I took an intensive course for 2 weeks in IALF (50 hours). I spent around 3,7 million rupiah. I rent a room near the building IALF so I could focus to the course. The class was started at 8 am until 3 pm. I stayed and studied in the building until 8 pm. They had an excellent library. If you are working, you should take one month intensive course. The classes started in 7 am. However, from my experience, if you have a free time for a month, I would prefer to take one month preparation. Why? I would have more time to practice by myself in the library. I would have more time to understand about the subject that the tutor gave me in the class. I think the course will be good for you if you want to get higher score. The tutor is the examiner in IELTS test. So they know what you should do in the test. They will give you tricks and tips.Information about IELTS preparation course in IALF, click here

September: IELTS test. You should find an official testing centre near your place. In Indonesia, IDF and IALF are the official testing test in Indonesia. The IELTS test fee in Indonesia is $195 US. Please note that there is a high demand for IELTS tests and some test dates are already full. Please register early to ensure you get the test date that you require. I advise you to register 2-3 weeks in advance. IELTS test results can be obtained from the IALF 13 days after the test date. Be careful of organisations who offer you a ‘predictor IELTS bandscore’ as they are unauthorised to do so and results could be misleading. If you want to know more about register for the ielts tes, click here.

September: Motivation Letter, CV, and Recommendation Letter. While waiting your IELTS result, you should prepare for your motivation letter, CV, and Recommendation Letter. Dont be lazy… and manage your time well especially if you ask recommendation letter. You need to contact your recommendators and ask them when they can give you the letter. It takes time!! check here for more information.

October – November: Submit your application. Deadline application for EU and Non EU students are diffrent.

December-January-February: You will get admission letter if the university accept you as student.

February-March: Apply Scholarship. Most of scholarship require you to be accepted first in the university.

April-May: the Scholarship Announcement.

May-June: Preparation to study in Holland .

Scholarship from goverment or other institutions:

China Programme , Erasmus , Erasmus Mundus , MENA Scholarship Programme , Netherlands Fellowship Programmes , Orange Tulip Scholarships Programme , Science without Borders Holland Programme , StuNed Scholarships , Tempus , Discontinued scholarships

More information, click here.

For Indonesian, check NFP and StuNed Scholarship. BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE 2 YEARS WORK EXPERIENCE. MID-CAREER.

I was accepted all of those universities and 2 of them gave me scholarship. However, I need to withdraw my seat on those universities.


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  5. I really am appreciate for your guidelines. It improves my judgement and selection of the intended universities for my Master, especially WUR. Keep the good work Hani..

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