Application Requirements for Master Program

Many people asked me, how to get the scholarship?? Well, there’s no special requirements that i have or i have to do. I just followed all the requirments that I found from the university website or other institution website. But, i can tell you what  the basic documents are that you need to provide on your master application:

1. Academic Transcript (in English) : yes, you should have a good score if you want to have more chance to get the scholarship or accepted in the university program. My GPA was 3.70/4.00 and it was the fifth highest score in my faculty (FISIP UI). So at least, i have a good modal to be the strong candidate. Well, if you want to get scholarship, there’s no instant way. You need to prepare since you start your bachelor. So, you will have a high GPA that will make you have better chance to receipt the scholarship. Otherwise, be active in your university. (Do many university projects or research, and also active in organization, but still the GPA is important).

2. Bachelor Certificate (in English) : you can ask to your university to translate your certificate. If you havent graduated yet, hmmm dont worry, as i know many universities will accept your application even you havent still graduate yet as long as you have a statement from unviersity that you will be graduated before your master program start.

3. Motivation Letter (click to see the sample): dont write your motivation letter as a CV, such as I am student here. I particapeted in many conference here and here. I am active because I participated in some projects here and here. The university can know about this in your CV. Hmm well well, in my experience, the university will be more happy if you write about your reason why you want to join the program? What benefit that you will get? Is your future job will be related to the program? Write it as clear as possible. Maybe you can tell about story of life that related about your decision to choose that program. Read the program that you intend to go in the website, it will help you to find the reason why you go there.

4. Recommendation Letter (click to see the sample): choose your lacture or professor or boss that know you better. It will be good if you have a strong recommendation. The strong recommendation should tell  how the lacture know you? when? how close you are? give a detail and specification. Not just generalization. My recommendation letters were from my lacture who were also a vice dean in my faculty and my thesis supervisor. If you are fresh graduate, I advice to ask these letters from your thesis supervisor, your professor who know you well, or your lacture who has high position in your university. Find someone that knowing you personally. Check if the universities has their recommendation letter template or not. Most universities say that they want the recommendation letters of the referees to be in sealed envelopes, and that the referee should sign across the seal, and cover with sticky tape.

5. Curriculum Vitae (CV): You can download europass cv as example. Make it clear as possible and easy to read.

6. English Language Certificate: TOEFL or IELTS. Most of master universities will ask TOEFL 600 and IELTS 6.5, sometimes 7. Mine is only 6.5. Most of european or australian universities ask for IELTS and most american university ask for TOEFL. (If you dont have ielts or toefl yet, I adviceyou to take the test 3 months before application. Many people failed to get the minimum score, so you need to take a course or practice before test. And sometimes, you need take the test more than one to get the minimum score. So, manage your time well).

If you want to take IELTS test.. you can read my experience.

  • IELTS Preparation. If you are a passive English (you dont speak English or write any academics in English), I advise you to take IELTS preparation course. I took an intensive course for 2 weeks in IALF (50 hours). I spent around 3.7 million rupiah. I rent a room near the building IALF so I could focus to the course. The class was started at 8 am until 3 pm. I stayed and studied in the building until 8 pm. They had an excellent library. If you are working, you should take one month intensive course. The classes started in 7 am. However, from my experience, if you have a free time for a month, I would prefer to take one month preparation. Why? I would have more time to practice by myself in the library. I would have more time to understand about the subject that the tutor gave me in the class. I think the course will be good for you if you want to get higher score. The tutor is the examiner in IELTS test. So they know what you should do in the test. They will give you tricks and tips.Information about IELTS preparation course in IALF, click here
  • IELTS test. You should find an official testing centre near your place. In Indonesia, IDF and IALF are the official testing test in Indonesia. The IELTS test fee in Indonesia is $195 US. Please note that there is a high demand for IELTS tests and some test dates are already full. Please register early to ensure you get the test date that you require. I advise you to register 2-3 weeks in advance. IELTS test results can be obtained from the IALF 13 days after the test date. Be careful of organisations who offer you a ‘predictor IELTS bandscore’ as they are unauthorised to do so and results could be misleading. If you want to know more about register for the ielts tes, click here.

I advice you to prepare those documents before you start your application. If you already have those documents, it will make it easier for you to apply other universities. My super advice are JUST DONT GIVE UP!! DONT BE LAZY, NOT TOO PICKY AND TAKE ALL THE OPPORTUNITIES 🙂

(If you failed once, at least you have many back up plans)



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