Diary of World Cup 2010

Tsamina mina eh eh. Waka Waka eh eh. Tsamina mina zangalewa. Anawa aa. This time for Africa.

12 July 2010, in the cafe near from Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey.

“I watched Final World Cup in the cafe with my AIESEC family. Yeah Holland VS Spain. I hope Holland would be a winner. I promised to my Dutch daddy, if Holland would be a winner I would come to Holland at 24 July 2010 and visit him so we can celebrate together. Alejandro and Magda want Spain to be the winner. Me and Boan want Holland to be the winner. Such a silly thing, we want Holland to be a winner even they invanded our  country for 250 years hahahaha. We forgot our history lol . ..

While the game was playing, me and vency played bagama (a Turkish game) but I was a looser here. Never win. I played with adi, again, I am a loooseeerr lol. I just win this game when I played with Ali in the first time in pamukkale but I think he made me became the winner . Before we thought Holland would be win, but in the end of the games, Spain made a goal. Damn, Spain won. Me and boan was sad and we cried for Holland. I am sorry daddy; I would not come to you.. I choose Germany to be my next destination because it would be cheaper to go to Germany than to Holland because I have to go to Vienna after that for Muslim Jewish Conference..”


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