Diary of Pamukkale

I visited Pamukkale in Turkey on 8 July with some friends of mine. I wrote some words in my diary and I would love to share about it. 🙂

In Pamukkale


8 July 2010, at 5.00 pm

“Oh dear pamukkale, u are so beautiful.

If I see my picture, I feel like I was in a snow mountain but the way you look is opposite from the real. u are so HOT hehehe. İ love spending my time in pamukkale even it is a small town. The hotel is also nice. I spend my time with Vivi, Randy and Ali by playing a ball in the swimming pool.  The funny thing is Vivi can not swim so she use something to make her body sink in the water . Vivi come on, u are so afraid with water. HOW OLD ARE YOU? Hihihih.. But she is my good friend. Vivi, I will remember our time when we were have sauna. Did u think it was so hottt? yeahh sauna is always hot Hehehehe..

Swimming pool in our hotel

I see pamukkale on the night with Ali, it would be so romantic if I come there with my boyfriend. Ali is a man, unfortunetelly, he isn’t my boyfriend hehehehe. İ can have a good romance with Ali but I don’t want to cheat from my boyfriend J Spending my time with vivi, randy, fer, Andrea, and alejandro was so great for me. They are ROCK! I LOVE YOU all  🙂

Ali took me around Pamukkale even we just met only 1 hour in the hotel


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