Diary of Kusadaşi, Turkey

I visited Kusadaşi on 7 July 2010. I wrote some words in my diary about my feeling of Kusadaşi. And I wanna share to you about this beautiful city 🙂

Sunset in Kusadşi

7 July 2010 at 1.00 am, Otel panorama, kusadasi, Turkey

“Dear Kusadasi..

Dear otel Panorama..

I will miss you and İ dont know when i will back again. Thanks for the great moment that u gave to me. I will remember when the turkish asked “where are u from” to Vivi (my travel mate) and vivi said China. And the funny thing, after that they said “Koniciwa” to vivi hahaha. Come on,  it’s japanese language chinese. maybe they think that all Asian language or face is same. İt was so funny. I will remember that.”

Me and Kusadaşi girl hihihi

Otel Panorama 8 July, at 8 am.

“I paid 5 tl for my breakfast in otel panorama but i prefer the breakfast in atilla’s gateaway, Selçuk. However, i love staying in this hostel. The owner’s so friendly and helpful. I slept in the same room wıth Vivi and Randy. Fer, Andrea, and Alejandro sleep in other room.  Randy was so funny. He really wanna have a baby hahaha i wish he will get it soon. I LOVE this trip so much. Swimming in the sea was cool. No sandy beach here, it’s quite diffrent with typical beach in Indonesia.  Oohh, i dont know when i will have such this trip with the travel team again. I WILL MISS THIS MOMENT. They are so great. I miss you, sisters and brothers.”

Kusadaşi Full Team (Me, Andrea, Vivi, Alejandro, Fer, and Randy)


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