AIESEC 2010 Preparation

I joined AISEC since May 2009 and I did not decide to take summer internship on that year. I thought I need time to prepare and it was also impossible if I took internship on January 2010. So I’m waiting until summer 2010. I need one year to prepare this journey. I choose turkey to be my destination. Turkey was near from Middle East and I have friend in Jordan. I made a plan to visit Turkey, Syria and Jordan. I paid to AIESEC Organization which were 100,000 rupiah for interview, 250,000 rupiah for something I forgot, 1,000,000 for or something like that, and 1,000,000 for preparation before going to turkey. I bought lonely planet books which were about Turkey, Jordan, and Middle East.

Lonely Planet Books

I was so excited for this journey and planed it as well as I can. However, I haven’t got any spots in AIESEC Turkey projects. I had to wait until March 2010 to get a project. I wanted to stay in Istanbul. So I decided to wait until AIESEC Istanbul opened for the application. İ researched about other projects in AIESEC turkey, such as in Koceali, Izmir, Bursa, but still I decided to wait for Istanbul. My manager in AİESEC, chacha, helped me a lot to match me in AIESEC Istanbul project. We made a terror to some OC AIESEC Istanbul hehehe. Then I got interview with denizhan and he accepted me to involve in myself my world AIESEC Istanbul. Wowww.. I was so happy at the time. On April 2010, I started to get what I need during my trip. First, I had to decide what time I should go to turkey and back to Indonesia. I should think carefully. At that time, I already forget about my trip to middle east and  I also have a boyfriend in Sweden and I want to visit him in Sweden. So I talked to him when he would be available so we could spend time together in Sweden. And we decided to meet on 6 June in Stockholm and spent a week in Sweden; he would graduate on 4 June so he would have free time for me, yeay J.  I tried to re-arrange my schedule, no more middle east. At that time, I saw my TN form; my project would start from 13 June till 7 August. I booked my flight in my friend’s (dhacil) and i got student fare with İSİC card.  In normal price, the price of Emirates Airlines ticket to Istanbul from Jakarta about 1,200 Usd but I got student fare which was about 900 us. It was great. Then, I had to get visa both turkey and schengen visa. İ must do it before 1,5 months of my departure time. So, I had to know all the requirements.

For turkey Visa – cultural visa

  1. Sponsor letter (TN FORM from AIESEC Istanbul)
  1. Visa application forms and two passport      photographs in which you are looking straight ahead and which are not more      than six months old.
  2. Copy of passport – only the biodata page
  3. A valid confirmed return airline-ticket to      Indonesia / print-out ticket / ticket booking.
  4. Medical travel insurance (original & copy),
  5. A sponsor letter from Indonesia (I had from my university      and sponsor letter from my mom. I had to show financial statement and I      used my mom’s bank account, and letter of guarantee from here.
  6. My parents İD card because they are my sponsor.

My multiple entry turkey visa. See, a lot of stamps..

After got my Turkey visa, I went to Sweden embassy to submit my application. To get Visa Sweden (Schengen Visa) was almost same with visa turkey process. I choose vısitıng friends visa so I don’t need to book hotel or something like that because I would stay in my boyfriend’s place. What I needed more for schengen visa was Appendix D (my boyfriend should filled it from Sweden, Travel Plan (İ tried to make plan, I want to go to Sweden and Greece from Turkey at that time). I should have my boyfriend’s financial record. His copy passport, a sponsor letter and guarantee letter from him (appendix E form)  plus a copy of his personbevis (get it from the population register), obtainable at the local tax office. Don’t forget to have insurance that cover a minimum of € 30 000 for medical costs (treatment, hospitalization, etc). I used ACE insurance. Actually, all documents should be post, not copy or print. However, I didn’t have time to wait the document by post from my boyfriend, so he just sent by email and I print all the documents. He wrote letter of apologize about this.

Schengen Visa 30 days

I paid multiple entry visa for turkey about $200 but if u need the single entry visa, it was just $60. I just need 3 days to get the Turkey Visa. After I got turkey visa, I applied schengen visa in Sweden embassy. İ paid £70 for multiple entry visas. I just got informations that my project would be finish on 23 July not 7 august. I tried to find any conference during 23 July-9 august because I would back to my country on 19 august. I applied Muslim Jewish conference (MJC 2010) in Vienna (1-7 August 2010). It seems interesting. İ filled the application but at the time I didn’t get any announcement I could attend or not. They should select the application based on the capability and interest of the participant. I tried to find some other events that I could join it. İ also applied for Model United Nations Istanbul held on 9-13 August 2010.

Everything was already and I just prepare myself to enjoy my summer trip J


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