Visak 2012 in Borobudur

On beggining of May, I came to Yogyakarta. I planned to join Visak day in Borobudur temple. After getting some helps from my couchsurfing friend, I arrived in Borobudur area on 5 May and sleepover in a Museum H. Widayat. On 6 May, I joinned ceremony in Mendut temple on the morning , then on the night wathed the meditation and lentern festival.

parade from mendut temple to borobudur temple

Got a chance to do meditation with the Buddhist on visak day was amazing. I felt the spirit of visak during my meditation. Even I was not a Buddhist, I didnt know why I cried at that time. I am always fregile in every religon ceremony. For me, this experience is something new. There’s many agood things that I can take and learn it from Buddhism. I dont need to be Buddhist but it is not something wrong to learn other religion. It’s good for building mutual respect among believer especially in the country where many religon exist. I think people should learn other religion so they will not fight each other and keep positive thinking.

bye bye lentern..

lentern festival


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